Pickleball is one of the fast-growing sports in the United States and Mecklenburg County. Moreover, its popularity shows no sign of slowing down.   

Outdoor courts are in high demand. What’s more, when cold temperatures hit, you may think twice about a match at an outdoor court. Don’t let the cold deter you from playing your favorite game. Park and Recreation has you covered (literally), with several options to play pickleball indoors.  

Open Play at Recreation Center Gyms 

First, have you visited your local recreation center? Recreation centers touch every corner of the county, bringing pickleball close to you.  

Players square off in a pickleball match in the gymnasium of Eastway Regional Recreation Center.
Players square off in a pickleball match in the gymnasium of Eastway Regional Recreation Center.

Several recreation centers host open play pickleball in their gymnasiums. Often, sessions are available for drop-ins. Some centers offer reservations, allowing you to schedule play with others at your same experience level. 

So, register online, or call or stop by your local center to learn about their schedule.  

Take a Lesson 

Now you’ve tried your hand at pickleball during open play, and have found a new favorite sport. Why not sign up for a lesson or a clinic to improve your skills? Learn everything from pickleball rules, to grip and equipment, to balance and footwork.  

A pickleball paddle and a ball for indoor play sit on a table in a gymnasium.
A pickleball paddle and a ball for indoor play. Indoor balls have more holes

Indeed, Park and Recreation offers several options for indoor pickleball instruction. Enroll in a class for one or more days, or a series of weekly classes over several months. Classes are affordable. As always, they can be specific to your experience level, age, and abilities.

Join a League 

Four people tap their paddles together on an indoor pickleball court.
Doubles teams end a pickleball match in the Northern Regional Recreation Center gym.

Finally, for the most committed players, Park and Recreation also hosts several indoor leagues. These leagues play at the intermediate and advanced levels. People ages 18 to 54 can join an adult league. Meanwhile, people 55 years and older can join a senior league.

Leagues are set up for doubles pickleball. Therefore, registration fees cover both players. So, grab a partner, or a whole group of friends or family, and sign up for one today. 

In conclusion, turn to Mecklenburg County to ace your new hobby. You’ll learn everything and the kitchen dink shot.