By Alex Lankford, College Intern

Almost everybody knows someone graduating from a school or university this time of year, and Mecklenburg County is excited to have its very own class of graduates.

Congratulations to the newest class of MeckEmerge! Twenty-five dedicated County employees were honored for finishing the four-month program. They now know how to increase their success in future leadership roles.

At the graduation ceremony, MeckEmerge graduates spoke with the County Manager about leadership and the public sector. Supportive colleagues and mentors were also invited to cheer on the graduates.

What is MeckEmerge?

The goal of the program is to provide experience and guidance to hard-working staff members who hope to advance to a supervisory role in the County. The program is a great tool for gaining the practical skills and knowledge needed in a leadership position. One participant even received a promotion during the 2024 session!

Collaboration between participants with different viewpoints or backgrounds is a key part of MeckEmerge. Mecklenburg County employees from 14 different departments had the opportunity to work together. Participants said they appreciated getting specific feedback about overcoming weaknesses and increasing strengths. In fact, many MeckEmerge graduates felt that they had made lifelong connections in the program.

4 MeckEmerge graduates holding up a sheet of paper

What Does it Take to Succeed?

The MeckEmerge program selects participants with strong career aspirations, the potential to grow, and commitment to the success of the County and its principles. Over several months, the MeckEmerge class learned about important values in leadership. Participants practiced emotional intelligence, communication and listening. They learned about promoting inclusion and innovation in their lives and careers, building their personal brand and creating engaging presentations. As a result, solution-focused and proactive employees benefit from the skills they learn in MeckEmerge.

Can I Participate?

Participants have to apply with their supervisor’s recommendation and approval to their department director for consideration. Applicants must work for the County for at least two years and meet expectations or higher in their performance evaluation rating. The program requires participants to attend eight days of in-person sessions, complete assignments before and after each class, and work with other MeckEmerge participants to prepare and present a group project. The program is offered twice per year.  

The next time you see a MeckEmerge graduate, ask them about their experience and congratulate them on their accomplishments!