As we step into the New Year, it’s the perfect time to think about what you want to achieve (if making a resolution is your thing). Whether it’s about feeling healthier, giving back to your community or finding a new job, here’s a little secret: we can help!

So, grab a pen and take some notes on how Mecklenburg County can be your secret weapon for nailing those goals. Let’s get into it!

Kick the Smoking Habit

So, you’ve made the call to say goodbye to smoking this year. Quitting this habit is no walk in the park, but we have tips to help you up your chances of success. Tips like preparing your environment by tossing out any remnants of tobacco and calling up your support crew. Another game-changer is reaching out to QuitlineNC. Just dial 1-800-QUIT-NOW or register online anytime, and a quit coach will craft a personalized plan just for you.

Stay Fit

woman riding bike on a greenway trail

If breaking a sweat and getting fit is topping your list of New Year’s resolutions, you don’t need to break the bank to make it happen! Find a greenway or park for a walk, run or bike ride – and why not bring a buddy along for extra motivation?

If you prefer being indoors and like having access to gym equipment, consider a MeckPass. It’s not just for you; the whole family can jump on the fitness train too! With a MeckPass, you’ll get access to lap pools, open gyms, tracks, group fitness classes and cardio and fitness areas at facilities like the Eastway Recreation Center.

Find Parenting Support

This for all you parents out there! Feeling more confident and connected with your kids is a goal worth striving for, and that’s where Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) comes in. This support system isn’t about telling you how to parent. It’s about equipping you with skills to strengthen family bonds.

Because your family is one-of-a-kind, we help design support plans that make sense for your family.

Get Involved in Your Community

8 volunteers standing in a park behind trash that they picked up in a park

There’s so much we can do together – like tidying up our nature preserves, parks and greenways. We could tackle invasive plant species, give a little love to a stream or even join a committee or advisory board.

You’ll be doing it side by side with your very own neighbors. So if making new friends is on your new year’s checklist, consider it done!

A Literary Resolution

Are you thinking of picking a book back up from last year or do you have a growing list of titles you’ve been meaning to get to? The best place to get books is, of course, our library!

With more than 20 library branches, checking off your reading list won’t be too hard. Consider diving into community reads and book clubs. And, if you haven’t gotten your library card yet, add that to your list of resolutions. Applying is easy and you can do it right here!

Become Our Coworker

new employees sitting in orientation watching a presenter

If you’re in search of a job that allows you to give back to your community, explore opportunities with the County! Here, it’s not about the suit and tie – we’re looking for people ready to make a real impact. You can be a part of what makes Mecklenburg County a great place to live, learn, work and recreate.

And with that, let’s start chipping away at this New Year’s checklist!