How can we better connect with our residents about the things they care about? That was the question we asked ourselves that led to the launch of our blog one year ago. Since then, we’ve published more than 50 articles across a spectrum of topics, from the Mecklenburg County budget process to the inside scoop about fishing at County parks. We’ve got a goal in mind – helping you better understand local government and how we work for you every hour of every day.

So, how have we done so far? We’re counting down the top five posts that you loved the most in 2018.

5. Planting the Perfect Pollinator Garden

If you’ve taken a walk through any of our parks in the warmer weather, you may have seen butterflies or bees abuzz, doing what they do best! Our horticulture team passed along some of their best tips for you to create a pollinator garden around your own home.

4. 2019 Property Revaluation

The property revaluation is coming, and we’re glad to see that so many of you are doing your research! Our staff has held a lot of information sessions and visited many neighborhood meetings to prepare residents for what’s coming, but it can be a complicated topic. We laid out all the details you need to know in one post so you don’t get blindsided in January.

3. Helping a Stray Animal

Mecklenburg County must be made up of a lot of animal lovers, because our third most popular blog post was 4 Things to Know if You See a Stray. No, we don’t have a department within the County that works with animals. But, we talked to our partners over at CMPD Animal Care and Control and got some great advice. Sometimes the most important thing to know is who to call if you need a little extra help, so we also included a point of contact for each city within Mecklenburg County.

2. Best Spots to Exercise

A number of you seemed to appreciate our post highlighting many ways you can get active for low or no-cost at Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation facilities. You may not have realized that we have a handful of outdoor gyms (basically adult playgrounds) or that the aquatic center offers more than just a place to swim. Even Cam Newton knows that it’s a great place to get a workout in!

1. Sssnakes!

Would you believe that our most popular blog post this year was about these slithery creatures? It’s true! The spring season brought quite a bit of chatter about snakes, so we consulted with experts at our nature centers to get the facts. We broke down the most common snakes in our area, how do identify whether a snake is venomous, and what to do if you see a snake near your home. If you have an interest in local wildlife, don’t forget to follow the Nature Centers Facebook Page! It’s a wealth of information and they love answering resident questions.


So that’s a wrap! We’re excited to continue to dive into the topics you want to learn about most in 2019. We just need you to tell us what you want to see. Have a question about a service we provide? Interested in learning more about how local government operates? Reach out to us on social media and let us know!