Spraygrounds, playgrounds, greenways, computers, masks? When you think of Park and Recreation, you probably don’t think too much about human resources or technical compliance. Your eyes might’ve glazed over just hearing those words but come back! Senior Fiscal Administrator Lorraine Bias describes her department as “the heartbeat of Park and Recreation.” Wow!  

Vital Signs of Park and Recreation

She says, “The heart is a vital component of the health of the human body, likewise my team is a vital component of every part of Park and Recreation.  Fiscal, technical and human resources compliance is needed for every part of our organization to thrive.“ Sounds impressive, but what does it mean? 

More than 80% of the department’s operating budget is funded by taxpayers. Lorraine and her team help keep track of every dollar spent, whether on salary (for more than 800 people!), equipment or supplies. That’s where the computers and masks come in. Since COVID-19 hit our area, Lorraine’s team has also been responsible for tracking and ordering personal protective equipment for Park and Rec staff. She also makes sure the department understands and follows all procedures, especially when things are updated! As you can imagine, a lot of procedures have needed an update this year. 

“It’s not just a job, it’s… an opportunity to serve.”

Lorraine’s 11-year career with the County started in the Department of Social Services Youth and Family Services division. She managed some of the money involved in helping children in foster care. She joined Park and Rec seven years ago. 

Take a Look Around! 

The next time you head to your favorite park or greenway and look at the paved routes or the playground equipment, you’re also looking at a lot of behind the scenes work. There are the people who maintain those facilities. And there’s also fiscal team, who tracked the money available to purchase and install the pavement and the playground and everything else you see. 

We’re Hiring  

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