There are so many different issues you might have. And some of them, we can help you with. ? Get involved… problem solved! Well maybe it’s not quite that simple but you definitely don’t have to suffer in silence. We can’t do anything about getting your trash picked up (you have to contact your city or town for that). We also don’t manage the court system or the sheriff’s office. But with 21 County departments, there is a LOT we can help you with!  

Go Surfing 

The web, that is. Our number one recommendation: the Meck County website! You can find information about every single department, and the divisions within those departments. You’ll find the nearest park or nature preserve and activities hosted by our Park and Recreation department. Learn how to establish and receive child support. Learn about County improvement project bids with Asset and Facility Management

That was easy, right? And you probably already knew about some of them. But there are some deep cuts on our site. We’ll explore a few here. 

Speak Up! 

There are so many different topics you can weigh in on. From the budget to new projects the county pays for with your tax dollars. Literally anything the County is responsible for, you have an opportunity to share your thoughts. There’s time set aside at every Board of County Commissioners meeting to hear from people like you! So why not you? Register with the Clerk to the Board before the meeting online or by phone. 

Let’s Relate 

Our Community Relations page is where you can go bigger with your idea to get some help from the County. Our Community Relations staff’s whole mission is to get more people involved in County government and help them learn about what we have to offer. 

Volunteering We Will Go 

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Becoming a volunteer is another way to solve a problem you see. I know what you’re thinking. You can volunteer with the County? How and why? There are many opportunities to help people of all ages. With elections at least twice a year, that might be the kind of County volunteering you think of first. But there’s a lot more! You can become a foster parent or partner with the school system. Environmentally minded? Check out options with Park and Recreation or the Land Use and Environmental Services Agency.  

Talking Points 

Bring the County to you! Did you know you can request a speaker for your group or neighborhood organization? We can provide an expert on the topic of your choice and tailor the presentation to fit your needs. We can even create a whole series with multiple speakers for your group. This is great for students, too! What better way to teach civics to your class or homeschool co-op than with someone who does it every day? And, yes! You can even request a speaker to talk to your group virtually. 

Big Problem, Go for a Big Solution 

One of the biggest ways you can take action to get some solutions for your community is by joining one of the many Advisory Boards, Committees or Commissions. Whatever you’re interested in, there’s probably a board, committee or commission you can play a part in. There’s a board to hear taxpayer appeals, another for pollution, and one for building development. There’s the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board and the Bicycle Committee.  

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This is just a sample but there’s a lot you can do. If all of the positions on the board you’re interested in are filled, you can sign up to be notified when there’s an opening. You can also join one of many community partnerships we use to collaborate with residents. They help our leaders make major decisions for the County.  

Let’s Go! 

For immediate problems that aren’t emergencies, calling 3-1-1 is often the quickest way to get you a solution. We also have a huge list of services you can take care of online. Big or small, you can jump right in and make things happen. You can be a part of the civic solution!