Spoken like a true veteran!  

John Batts started his career as a Veteran Service Officer with Community Support Services three years ago. He came in to apply for his VA benefits and received such good customer service, he asked if there was an internship opportunity. The rest is history! 

“There are a lot of veterans and their family members who aren’t aware of their benefits,” says Batts. “Helping them utilize benefits they are entitled to is what inspires me to come to work every day.”

It’s true – many County residents who could take advantage of veterans benefits don’t know about them or how to navigate them. It can be a cumbersome, frustrating process, and that deters many people from seeking the help they need. But, employees like Batts can make the difference. Think about the last time you were digging through forms, websites, or phone trees trying to get answers to your questions. Would you have felt a little more comfortable if the person helping you could share in your experience? Our Veterans Services Office can help make that process go a little bit more smoothly. They help with:

  • Service related disability compensation  
  • Pension benefits 
  • Health care 
  • Home loans and more.  

“Working for the County gives me an opportunity to make an impact on veterans’ lives, “ says Batts. “I get to go home at night knowing I made a real difference.” 

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