When Mother Nature or other emergency strikes, Mecklenburg County is ready. We’re standing by to deploy an army of leaders, staff and volunteers to keep you safe.

That readiness applies to more than bad weather. We’re prepared for any event or crisis that threatens our community. That could range from snow, hurricane or tornado, a train or airline crash, a chemical spill or nuclear hazard, and yes, a pandemic.

This is the time of year when winter weather can turn into a problem. When it threatens snow, ice, freezing temperatures and power outages, Mecklenburg County gathers departments and agencies that can help. They include Social Services, Public Health, Community Support Services, Fire Marshal’s Office, Sheriff’s Office and many others. All are committed to the safety, housing and feeding of residents, whether they have a home or not.

They don’t do it by themselves. Mecklenburg County’s hard work rolls into the bigger effort by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Emergency Management Office. It coordinates with boots on the ground—police on patrol, firefighters ready for a call, paramedics on the scene, street workers plowing the roads, and more – to maintain situational awareness and ensure a collaborative response. Those are just some of the people working 24-7 in the County.

Working with Partners in an Emergency

Other agencies pitch in, depending on the nature and size of the emergency. Duke Energy is a frequent partner, turning the lights back on in case the power goes out. As we’ve seen during two years of pandemic, doctors and nurses in the hospitals battle to save lives. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools provides resources and facilities if needed in their neighborhoods.

The American Red Cross helps puts a roof over a family’s head or food on their children’s plate. And other local non-profits, like the shelters Roof Above and Salvation Army, offer space and volunteers.

“It takes a village to raise a child,” they say. It takes a community to keep those children and their families safe during an emergency–a community that works together to get everyone through the crisis and stay alert for next time.