Every now and then, life gives us a little bonus – an extra 24 hours to do as we please. Whether it’s a leap day, a random day off or a well-deserved break.

So, what’s the game plan for this day off? Well, I’ve got nine ideas and don’t mind sharing them with you. Let’s go!

People sitting on the grass and walking around Independence Park.

Picnic at the Park

Pack a picnic and head to the nearest park. Blanket spread, snacks in hand and soaking up the outdoors. Did you know there are 230 parks and facilities spread across more than 21,000 acres in the County?

Let the Games Begin

There are plenty of outdoor activities we can do with Park and Recreation! Walking on a greenway, fishing, disc golf or pickleball. Let’s break a little sweat and have a little competition on your day off. (I might skip on this, but maybe you like this kind of stuff!)

Start that New Business

Take a leap and start that small business idea you’ve been thinking about. Whether it’s crafting, baking, or offering a service, today’s the day to kick off your entrepreneurial journey. Who knows where it might lead? Insider tip: our Office of Economic Development is a great resource to help you start!

Renfrow Hardware store in Matthews.

Discover Hidden Gems

Let’s be explorers for a day! Our Historic Landmarks Department has recognized more than 360 landmarks in Mecklenburg County! See how many are within a mile of your house and try to visit them all. One interactive history walk includes Mecklenburg Resolves and the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, two important documents in our County’s early years.

Get Zen in Nature

Let’s slow down on your extra and take a deep breath on a quiet trail or nature preserve! The County manages more than 7,600 acres of nature preserves, protecting our natural resources. If you’ve never been to one, you’re missing out!

Librarian standing beside Mecklenbear smiling in the library

Jump into a New Book

Let’s take a little trip to the library! Grab that book you’ve been wanting to read and dive into a story. (Maybe for your afternoon in the park!) You also don’t have to leave your house for this one. The library has digital access to books, movies and music. If you live in the County, get access to everything the library can offer for FREE.

Start Your Spring Garden

Use this day off to kickstart your spring garden. Whether you’re into growing vibrant flowers, aromatic herbs or tasty vegetables, make sure the plant is native and that you have the right soil for it. Our horticulturists have even more tips to help you start your garden!

Do Something Nice

Spread kindness like confetti! Whether it’s surprising a friend with a thoughtful gesture or volunteering in your community – stream and park clean-ups, invasive plant removals or help out at a senior game!

And lastly, kick your feet up and relax. No plan is still a plan!