Stats under #1 updated October 3, 2023.
Contributed by Laura Thomason, MPH, Safe Routes to School Coordinator

Ever feel like your day consists of too much time spent in the car chauffeuring the kids from school to baseball practice and dance class and karate lessons and friends’ houses and the list goes on? Somedays it feels like we live in our car! But, now that school is back in session, it’s the perfect time to reflect on daily routines. Lots of families are changing things up by walking or biking or scooting to school. And you can too by joining our local Safe Routes to School (SRTS) movement.  

SRTS works with parents, school administrators and communities to improve and increase opportunities for kids to bike or walk to school safely. Here are five reasons to get up, and get your kids active in the mornings (and if you’re always pressed for time to exercise like I am, it can benefit you too):

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